She Said Yes

In my book, this mother wrote about her daughters life after her death. Cassie the women’s daughter was killed April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School. Reading that part was very heart breaking. Before the death of Cassie Bernall, she was having problems at home. It all started when her parents moved her from Beaver High. They figure by moving Cassie it would help her meet new friends because her friends at Beaver High were causing Cassie to do things her parents didn’t expect out of her. Cassie’s mother stated that every time she or Cassie’s father Brad would try and talk to her she would throw huge fits, screaming and cursing saying extremely harsh things. Like she said she hated them and she want to kill her self. Before here parents moved her from Beaver High her mother and father found some letters from Mona (her old friend) saying how Cassie need to kill her parents and run away. They would write nasty evil things on a piece of paper. Cassie had then gave her life away to Satan. When Cassie mother did move her to another school Cassie found another friend name Jamie. Jamie dressed really weird, but didn’t do any bad things like Cassie’s other friends. Jamie you can say really looked out for Cassie. She even pleased Cassie’s parents could she go somewhere with her over the weekend. That’s all I have for right now, but I will continue reading to let you all know about my book.



Hello, Welcome to my blog everyone. The previous book that I am reading is called Tyrell. In this book Tyrell, His mother, and little brother is going through some things now that his father is locked up. Their living in shelter and don’t have a place that they can call their own. They are constantly getting moved from hotel to hotel, and the hotels are very nasty. So Tyrell meets this girl name Jasmine, and Jasmine is going through the same thing Tyrell is going through. Tyrell and his mother gotten into it and he went and stayed in Jasmine’s room for that night. While he was in the room with Jasmine, she kind of did some things to Tyrell that made him feel uncomfortable, but good at the same time. After that night Tyrell felt bad because knowing he had a girlfriend he sit there and let Jasmine do those things anyway. However , I’m reading more . So I will stay in contact with you all to let you know more of what’s going on in my book that I’m reading.